July 2019

Sherwood Rv Resort Jan. 26-30, 2018

Kissimmee, Florida

We went to Disney Wilderness Preserve while we stayed here. The preserve was so fun. Steven had to stay home because he had gotten stung by a mosquito and had a really bad blister from it. We learned he is allergic to mosquito bites. It was a lot of w…

Back again at TTO Jan. 22-26, 2018

Clermont, Florida

We went back to Thousand Trails Orlando because we loved it so much. This time we spent some time in the pool and the kids had so much fun.

As we were headed out somewhere our lizard spotter, Halim, saw a lizard IN OUR TRUCK!!! It was just sunbathing on…

Lake Magic Rv Resort Jan. 18-22, 2018

Clermont, Florida

We went to the pool. I liked it because the boys wore themselves out. The boys are like little fish and love the water. Alima likes it but she had more fun in the lounge. Dirt the boys also love the sandy soil here.

Hal and I went to Disney Spring…

Orlando RV Resort Jan. 14-18, 2018

Clermont, Florida

We loved this place. We stayed for a few nights and wish we could have stayed more. There was so much for the kids to do and so much nearby to do that it was almost overwhelming. We just started out so we didn’t venture out very much yet. After still…

Cypress Hill Rv Park LLC. Jan. 11- 14, 2018

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

This park we stayed over for 1 night. There was a lake and it was green but was still bitter cold. We were not prepared at all for how cold it was. So we bundled up in blankets and kept the heat going. Our pipes froze over night so we had to wai…

We are on our way!!! Dec. 31 – Feb. 2, 2018

Tucson, Az

After leaving Mesa we drove to Tucson and stayed for a few days. We had a bunch of stuff with us that we didn’t have time to get rid of before we left so we took time to go through it and sort it. It was nice to be able to be finally on the road and…