El Paso West / Anthony Texas Journey KOA Jan. 2 – 4, 2018

Anthony, Texas

This park was an rv park we stayed at for a few days to finish purging and trying to set our home up. More and more things needed to go. I’m starting to think this is an ever present process. 

This was a touchy time for us. We realized our communication skills needed improvement and we also realized we were not going to just be able to jump right into the rv life we knew before. I think we really thought it wouldn’t be hard to jump right back into the rv life but it wasn’t easy. 

We did tons of laundry. We are finding out very quickly that we were not prepared with storage bins as well as the laundry situation. Holy cow! 6 people make tons of laundry! That will be remedied soon though. we had but if we are going to make it to Florida before the Rv Show so, we don’t have much time to play around yet.

We did get to visit with a friend of Hals from school, Luke, his wife Jennifer and their kids.Their kids were so sweet and my kids loved them. It was very nice. We had such a great time visiting and having lunch with them. Jennifer and were so hospitable and Jennifer made the most amazing Chia tea I have ever had. 

Rv Park Review


This park is a no thrills park. This place is for overnights and thats why its a no frills kinda place. If you look up other reviews for you will see that. It was a huge gravel space with decent sized spots and they had a good sized dog run. It also has laundry that was very cheap.