Dec. 13- Jan. 20, 2019

Mesa, Az

When Hal drove his mom to Ca. I was so happy that Halim got to spend time with his grandma and his dad. I was so excited for them to come home and have him share what they did. He really had a great time. I also enjoyed when Steven got to go when Hal drove back to Ca. to pick her up. He was sooo good. He had such a great time. I was so glad they were able to have that one on one time with him and thier grandma.

We had a nice Christmas at home. Sandie Chamberlin and our friend Rachel Hobbs sent us some gifts from Pa. I thought that was the sweetest. I was really touched.

Calvin was playing on his skateboard and trying to ride it but his balance wasnt very good. So, as we were walking to the park he fond a stick and started pushing himself with the stick. Holy cow, it was the cutest.

Then he rode it all by himself standing up! This kid is going to be a world changer. He is the most determinded and independant kid I have ever met. If we could harness his enthusiasm and zest for life, man he will be able to do great things.

Calvins birthday was in December andd we went to Skyline park to celebarate this spunky, plucky, enegertic ball of snuggles and energy. He ran around that park and I don’t think he stopped even once, well he did when he had cake and opened his presents but other than that nope didnt stop for a second. He loved his gifts and having his friends there. 

We had the pleasure of meeting a friend Hal had been searching for off and on since grade school. The cool thing was that his friend was searching for him too. We met Andy and his friend Sleek. I dont think I have met any of Hal’s friends that he had before we were married so this was a special treat. Andy is from Cambodia and we had the pleasure of eating Cambodian Hot and Sour soup with fried rice. I have never had Cambodian food but man it was soo good. I ate one of the spicy peppers and it was the hottedt thing I have ever eaten! I will neve do that again! I think this is one of Hal’s favorite foods. The kids liked it as well. It was a pleasent surprise.

So this kid was bored out of his little mind so he climbed up on the step stool and then he started playing in the water. I thought he wa just playing around and I didnt think anything about it. The next thing I know this boy is using the soap and water to wash the dishes. The excitment in his voice. The proudness he had on his shoulders was the sweetest. He said he wanted to wash them and started singing a song about how you wash dishes (you can hear it on our Instagram account). How is this boy so sweet?! He was having a great time and then Steven came along and wanted to help. So the two of them together played, sang and washed dishes. Team work at its finest. Those two together will be the best of friends. When they get along they are the sweetest and most helpful boys. I love to hear thier little stories they make up to each other and listen to them play together.

It kind of ironic how we got to Sunshine Acres and now we are leaving there and going back to where we left to get to Sunshine Acres.

When we got back from Wa. state many years ago (thats another story for another day) we found ourselves at Arizona Maverick Rv Park. At that time we needed a place and we stayed there with the intention of only staying a short while then moving on to travel more but as God planned it, He decided our stay would be a bit longer than we thought.

We were preparing to leave Az. and my dad had to go into the hospital with a heart issue so, we decided to stay in case something really bad happened to him. In the mean time Hal and I had friends who knew and volunteered for Sunshine Acres. We had started founding a church with our friends and they thought it would be a great oppertunity to have Carol Whitworth, the daughter of the founders of Sunshine Acres, come and share the story of Sunshine Acres with our small group. She came and talked to us about the history and mission they have but when she left Hal said to me,”We have to go take a tour there.” and he was very insistant about it. So about a week later we took a tour and both of us felt Gods presence as we were there. Hal knew he had to work there so he applied for a job as night security and he got the job. He then moved on to work in the kitchen and before we knew it he was the head of Food Services.

It is such an amazing place. It’s a place for families, who for whatever reason they cannot care for the kids themselves, so the kids can stay and live there untill thier families can take them home. The goal and hope is that at some point the kids will be reunited with the family and be able to go home. Sunshine acres provides a safe, stable home and place for the kids to be kids. Please click thier link below to get more information about them, they do such great work serving the kids of Az.

So, Hal started working there and then not long we were able to move on campus and that’s where we stayed for about 5 years, when God had a new plan, and that’s where we are today. We left Sunshine Acres last year and traveled. When we came back to Az. we had the intention of only staying a short time. We love being at Sunshine Acres. Our great friends are there and we love volunteering and serving. But it’s time for us to move on now, our time has ended and we must go. So, we are off to Az Maverick once again, back to where all of it started. Kinda crazy how it has become a circle.

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