Back In Az. Oct 25 – Nov. 2, 2018

Mesa, Arizona

We got back into Az in the late evening last night. It was so awesome to see the Arizona sunset and even though I thought I wouldn’t miss it was really sweet. God put on a great show. I really enjoyed to seeing the desert again.

Hal had to go and catch up w…

Our friends Ken and Amy Oct. 8- 16, 2018

Peoria, Illinois

Driving the roads in Ohio was so nice. No potholes no huge bumps. It didn’t feel like a roller coaster. The day is bright and sunny. It’s a bit warm and none of us are liking it.👎

Still driving we stopped at a truck stop last night sleep. It was so hot…

Kenisee Lakes Rv Campground Oct. 4-8, 2018

Jefferson, Ohio

This park is so neat. They have lots of stuff for kids to do. We saw a lake you could fishing in but you weren’t able to swim in which was fine because it was cold and rainy while we were there anyway. They have a very good sized main playground. which…

And we lost the farm


We lost the farm.

These few days have been really hard on our family. Our “friends” who we were buying it from sold it out from under us and so we have to leave. Our family is heartbroken and deeply saddened.

We had made so many plans that have affected…

Wow, August was busy!

Bleachers creatures is a project that the South New Milford Baptist Church does to help the fairgrounds clean up after the fair. We have gone each morning to help and I am so glad that we did. After feeling like we weren’t fitting and struggling to make friends this ha…

More happenings in July

We are so excited to have our friends Jon and Diana come and visit in a few weeks. We don’t really have any plans with them other than catching up and visiting. They will be with us for a few days and we are so glad.

There was a church picnic that the church its on…

Joy Ranch April 6 – May 6, 2018 Post 1

Joy Ranch

A Christian Home for Children

Woodlawn, Virginia

This place is amazing. Rolling hills and pastures lined by woods and forest. It’s so relaxing. This s a children’s home that our friend has been working for for the past few years. It is a Christian home for chil…

Sherwood Forest Rv Resort Feb. 25 – March 11, 2018

Kissimmee, Florida

We had a great time coming back to Sherwood. We connected with a few other families and they were great.

We went to Gypsy Gold and filmed more for them. We love going there. I think we could have spent so much more time there if we had it.

The boys pl…

Southern Palms RV Resort Feb. 21 -25, 2018

Eustis, Florida

We went to Gypsy Gold Horse Farm, who breed and sell Gypsy Vanner horses, and took their tour. It was amazing! Dennis the owner gave the tour and was entertaining as well as knowledgeable. Their property was gorgeous and the horses were so sweet and bea…

Bulow Rv Resort Feb. 17-21, 2018

Flagler Beach, Florida

We didn’t do to much here. So there isn’t much that was exciting except that there is a dog run there and Molon loved it. He dug a hole and ran all around. When Alima took him one day he decided he wanted to broaden his running area and jumped the…