Orlando RV Resort Jan. 14-18, 2018

Clermont, Florida

We loved this place. We stayed for a few nights and wish we could have stayed more. There was so much for the kids to do and so much nearby to do that it was almost overwhelming. We just started out so we didn’t venture out very much yet. After still trying to get our bearings on how this life works and balancing work and stuff, we aren’t ready yet to go or do much yet. 

Laundry here was expensive. We did find a great laundry at nearby that was clean and half the price. I went with a huge mound of laundry and the staff helped me pick the right machine. It was hilarious to see me come in with so much to do. I got so many looks. 

Thankfully when we stayed we got spots close too the bathhouse and laundry. You want to get here early because there is a rush at check in. They drive you to the available spots but you can request an area and they will see what they have available.

This place is always packed with kids. We were told to go to the B field but we went to the E section.  It was ok but I kinda think we should have gone to the B field, oh well live and learn.
You can see the fireworks from Disney at night. The kids were so wiped out from playing all day that bedtime came and they were out so they missed it.
There was a nature trail Steven, Calvin and I went on. Steven does not like the woods. He thinks that its creepy. It was packed with small palm trees and stuff that we couldn’t see the ground off the trail very well so that was a good way to keep them from straying to far. There are signs up not to swim in the bodies of water that are around because of alligators. Scary! I kept imagining one jumping from the brush and getting me! I’m such a scaredy-cat.
Hal could not get good enough Wi-Fi so he went to the Starbucks nearby to get work done.
We went to the Tampa RV show. It was HUGE!! Don’t get there to early because it will be packed. Don’t go on the weekend days cause its nuts. This place had everything you could think of for rv’s and every kind of mobile home you can think of. It was a lot and definitely not to be done one in one day. The kids got a little stir crazy because there was so much walking and waiting and not much for them to do. Hal and I went one day by ourselves and one day with the kids.

We met up with our friends Trent and Siobhan. We were filmed with our kids for the Camping World Road Stories segments that they do. It was so fun. We also met up with a family I had connected with on Facebook. If your looking to do this life one of the first things I suggest you do is find groups to be a part of so you can connect with others who travel. There are a ton on Facebook and there is a lot of families on YouTube who you can watch and learn from.

Where we went

You can find Trent & Siobhán here

Rv Park Review

Laundry was expensive. $3 for wash and $3 to dry! The showers are ok here, nothing to special but not gross. There was a nice pool, mini golf, giant chess and checkers sets to play with. You have to pay for Wi-Fi. This park is confusing to navigate. There are one way streets and people will let you know if you are going the wrong way.

Places We Went

2573 E Highway 50
Clermont, FL 34711

Laundromart of Four Corners
17445 US Hwy 192, Suite 1
Clermont, FL 34714

Publix & Walmart were nearby