48 states in 48 months

“Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature’s peace will flow into you as sunshine into trees.” ~ John Muir

Photo of Longs Peak reflected in Bear Lake by Steve Perry

  Too often life puts us into a cycle. We go to work and return home 5 days a week to explore the 20 miles around us on the weekends. We track to the same vacation spot year after year for its familiarity. 30 years later we wish for what we hadn’t done and regret what we could have. This is not living, this is merely surviving.

    What a beautiful opportunity we have to embark on a journey, not abroad, but in our own back yard.  That is exactly what we have set out to do. We have planned out 4 years of exploration. To see this amazing country and meet the people that make it so great. 

    We don’t want to explore and meet just for our own benefit, but we want to share with the world. If you know someone we should meet, or someone who has a story to share, let us know.