Sherwood Rv Resort Jan. 26-30, 2018

Kissimmee, Florida

We went to Disney Wilderness Preserve while we stayed here. The preserve was so fun. Steven had to stay home because he had gotten stung by a mosquito and had a really bad blister from it. We learned he is allergic to mosquito bites. It was a lot of walking and no shade on the trails except for the sparse trees. There was clean restrooms and a water bottle fill fountain.

There is a lake that the kids had fun at. They found clams and tried to open them. It was so funny to see them try to open them.

 We saw a turtle trying to cross the road as we left. So many jokes to that but not enough time. Calvin amazingly didn’t try to get in the water but he did run amok on the trails, which was fine by me.

It rained while we were here and the roof vents leaked. We were sitting down and Hal felt it. We had no ladder and so we were trying to figure out what we were going to do and a man was doing his laundry and lent us his ladder. Hal climbed up and we used trash bags and firewood to fix it for the night. The next day I took the kids to the Kissimmee Lakefront Park and Hal fixed the roof. Thankfully it wasn’t too bad, seal around the vents and skylight needed to be redone.

Kissimmee Lakefront park was awesome! There is a huge lake with alligators and snakes. There were lots of different kinds of birds. I loved taking pictures here. There were some kids Halim played with and had a great time. They twisted the swings up and spun around on them.

Halim played so hard he died

The little boys ran all over playing on the play structure. There was a splash pad that was closed but the kids still liked playing on it. Calvin ran up to the lake which has no fence around it or way to keep kids from falling in, so it scared the life out of me. There would be no way to easily get a kid out of they fell in FYI. There were also a few bugs but not too bad. The weather was nice and not to hot.  

RY Park Review

This one had bathhouses that really needed attention. Shower stalls were small even for rv parks. Laundry is reasonable. I hope that they plan on doing updates here soon. 

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