Back again at TTO Jan. 22-26, 2018

Clermont, Florida

We went back to Thousand Trails Orlando because we loved it so much. This time we spent some time in the pool and the kids had so much fun.

As we were headed out somewhere our lizard spotter, Halim, saw a lizard IN OUR TRUCK!!! It was just sunbathing on the dash šŸ˜³šŸ˜³ it must have been hilarious to watch us try to get it out of the truck, Oh My!

We were leaving and had everyone getting into the car when Steven was coming out of the trailer he opened the door and Molon ran out. That dogĀ ran all over the park. It was so scary because he jumped inĀ the water and could have gotten eaten by an alligator. Then when Alima and I finally got him and had him in the truck he got away again!!!! Hal was fit to be tied. I have not seen him so mad at this dog. We chased him around some more and finally got him.Ā 

Halim was very disappointed because we didnā€™t have time to play mini golf. The kids and I went for a lot of walks and Halim has enjoyed hunting lizards. Molon wants to eat all the squirrels here. For some reason IĀ donā€™tĀ remember if we went anywhere while we were here this time.Ā 

We stayed at the park during our time here so weĀ didn’t venture out. They park has so manyĀ amenities soĀ if you have kidsĀ then there is plenty to do here. Its not far from all the major parks which is nice.

Where we went