Hal Khalaf

Jan. 20 – Feb. 19, 2019

Mesa, Az.

The Instant Pot. We recieved this as a gift from friends of ours. This thing is amazing!! I have cooked a few things in it and I’m still learning but this tool is a thing of beauty! I took FROZEN chicken, like solid frozen, and in 10 minutes had tender BBQ chi…

Dec. 13- Jan. 20, 2019

Mesa, Az.

When Hal drove his mom to Ca. I was so happy that Halim got to spend time with his grandma and his dad. I was so excited for them to come home and have him share what they did. He really had a great time. I also enjoyed when Steven got to go when Hal drove bac…

November 8-16, 2018

Mesa, Az.

Have I talked about my sister, Sandy?

Well, she is my twin and she is amazing!

She got the kids one of the sweetest and best gifts EVER! She wanted to get them bikes or something they could play on at her house but still be able to take with us when we leave i…

Nov. 3 – 7, 2018

Mesa, Az.

So part of the deal with being able to stay at Sunshine Acres little rv park is that we have to volunteer so many hours a week. Well, I jumped on the opportunity. I chose to work at the barn for the simple reason that I get to be around the horse and helping t…

Move day and our stop in El Paso Oct. 21-23, 2018

Unfortunately we got a late start today. We were hoping to get out early and meet up with some friends for lunch today. We’re still going to meet up for lunch but we’re gonna be late. I was hoping to be able to get done in an hour but things just kept popping up and ev…

This week things are better and looking up

So you maybe wondering why I have two casserole dishes in the oven.

Well, the answer is when you try to make a Pinterest meal sometimes they don’t turn out the way you want.

So, I wanted to make a biscuit casserole for breakfast. It has eggs, biscuits, cheese, sausage…