Lake Magic Rv Resort Jan. 18-22, 2018

Clermont, Florida

We went to the pool. I liked it because the boys wore themselves out. The boys are like little fish and love the water. Alima likes it but she had more fun in the lounge. Dirt the boys also love the sandy soil here.

Hal and I went to Disney Springs for a date and to talk about the goals and plans we have for what is to come.
There are tons of gift shops as you are driving to Disney Springs.

We also noticed that there were a lot of mini golf places around here. There was a small playground the kids and I went too that is at the park. It is right across the street from the Publix, Walmart and Starbucks. It is also near the laundry mat I was going too. 

As we were walking around the playground here I found this beautiful little rock and after doing some internet searching I discovered that its possibly apart of the Kindness Rocks Project. I thought how cool it is that someone would leave such a pretty thing for someone else to find. I really like the KRP idea. You never know when someone may need a kind word or when they find your treasure you left behind might just be the uplift that they needed that day. So I’m going to leave a little hope for you today.

Rv Park Review

Restrooms needed updating, showers were small and to be cleaned badly. Spots were good sized. There is sand EVERYWHERE so be prepared to have more sand than you know what to do with.

Rv Park Review

Disney Springs