Nov. 3 – 7, 2018

Mesa, Az

So part of the deal with being able to stay at Sunshine Acres little rv park is that we have to volunteer so many hours a week. Well, I jumped on the opportunity. I chose to work at the barn for the simple reason that I get to be around the horse and helping the barn. I love it. Scooping poop? Yep, love it. Horses possible running amuck? Yep, it’s adventure and I love it. Sweeping stalls? Yep, sign me up!

I love it all. Each day is an adventure and I get to do the same thing each day but because you are dealing with animals , you never know what your gonna get. I love it all. Have I said it enough? I L-O-V-E IT!

Each and every second. I’m up early, moving and being busy, caring for something grand a noble( horses are that to me), helping others and serving.

This week the kids got sick. Yep, it was bound to happen and it did. Thankfully it wasn’t catastrophic. They just have a bit of a fever and a small cold. Calvin hasn’t shaken his yet but Steven was fin after a few days.

I think its because of the change in season and the fact that we haven’t used our A/C in about a year. Yep, that’s right! A WHOLE YEAR! It’s been so nice. I am really glad that they recovered pretty quickly and it wasn’t as bad as some of our friends who have been fighting the flu. Nope, no thanks. 

One place my kids love to play the most is the splash pad. They could be in the water 24/7 if I let them. And I wouldn’t mind it at all because they pass out when it’s time to go to bed. They usually play and roll around with each other like they are in the UFC match, but not when we get back from the splash pad. Unfortunately, that could have contributed to them being sick this week. I just can’t help myself though cause they are so happy being there. Just look

How could you say no to that? And, and the fact that the weather is so warm still? Come on, its a no brainer. You got to go to the slash pad.