We are on our way!!! Dec. 31 – Feb. 2, 2018

Tucson, Az

After leaving Mesa we drove to Tucson and stayed for a few days. We had a bunch of stuff with us that we didn’t have time to get rid of before we left so we took time to go through it and sort it. It was nice to be able to be finally on the road and for the adventure to start. It was hard waiting to depart but it was so worth it to be able to get started. 

I don’t think people realize how much stuff they accumulate in their lives until they have to move or sort what they have for whatever reason. To some degree it was hard to get rid of some things, but for me (for the most part) it was pretty cut and dry. I was sad to see the few sentimental things I had kept over the years leave me, but in some way it was nice to let go of some chapters in my life that were hard. Downsizing is a bittersweet thing but in the end its freeing for me. Hal had a bit of a harder time with it all. The kids were sad but I really think they didn’t miss to many things very much.They miss the people in their lives who meant a lot to them.

While we were in Tucson Hal’s mom came for a short visit. We all were glad we got to see her and say good bye. The kids miss her. They are pretty close to her and it was hard for all of us.

We met Micheal and Deborah while we were there. They are a very nice couple who are considering RV life full time. They have an Instagram page where they share their adventures and their hilarious dog Ellie.

Who we met

You can  Micheal and Deborah’s Instagram find here

Rv Park Review

Sentinel Peak Rv Park

This park was great for short stays. We were here overnight. There is laundry that was pretty inexpensive and it was also near stores. There is a rec. room. There is a park across the street. There is no dog run or anything in the park for kids to do.