Who are we?

17 years of marriage and 6 children has taught us a few things. The most important thing that we have learned is that time is always leaving and it never returns. At the end of our lives we don’t want to say “I wish we had…” So we set out on a mission to spend more time with the people we love. 

Hal grew up in California and moved to Az in 1990 with his parents and brothers. He has a background in the resturaunt industry for most of his working life.  He was working at a middle school when we met.  He asked me to marry him after we had been dating for only 2 weeks, he was shocked when I said no. But, after nearly a year of dating we did get married.

   He loves riding motorcycle’s and enjoys going to the shooting range. You might find him just sitting and reading. But being who he is that wont last long before he has to get up and find something to tinker with like his Trans Am or going out to fly his drone. He is a coffee nut and even put an awesome coffee bar in our house.

  He loves being creative and solving problems but he also has a heart for helping others. He started his own printing business but he wanted to do more for his community. So after visiting Sunshine Acres Children’s home in Mesa, Az. we both felt he was called to work there. He worked there for almost 6 years and it was amazing.

    Now he is opening a new chapter in his life. He looks forward to exploring with our family and spending time with us as we drive all over the states to see what there is to see.

Randie is the mother of 6 great kids.  She homeschools the younger kids (the older 2 are out on their own now) while we travel.

   Randie has a true passion for horses. A love for riding. I think it is safe to say they are one of the top things she loves, right next to chocolate and coffee. In her down time she likes to be crafty and make new things. You may find her drawing or wandering outside looking for wildlife. She has picked up the bug for photography. and while still a beginner (everyone has to start somewhere) she has an eye for the beautiful things of nature. Give her a good historical romance or fantasy movie with chocolate and she is set for a good night.

A native of Arizona, Randie grew up in the Buckeye and Tonopah areas. She enjoyed living out in the middle of nowhere. She has had just about every type of farm animal there is, fun times.

 Randie met Hal when while living in Chandler. She truly believes God places people in your life at just the right time, and she met Hal at the perfect time. Skipping the pomp & circumstance of a traditional wedding they ran away to Las Vegas to get married.