Wow! It’s like we fell off the earth or something, but we didn’t. Nov. 17- Dec. 12, 2018

Mesa, Az

We haven’t posted in a long time for many reasons but mostly we just had a lot going on. Hal has done a great job with the podcast and it is doing so well. We have not had the time to devote to the Youtube channel as much as we would like, truth be told thats kinda what happened with the blog as well, but I’m sure you have noticed that already. We just have been so busy living life that we haven’t taken the time to put towards anything else. I am sorry if you follow us regularly and miss us, we are still here. So, where to start? 

I think we left off around just before Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great holiday and ate tons of turkey. I hope you were able to spend your time with your friends and loved ones. We had the holiday with a few close friends so it was quiet, which was nice. We definitely missed being with a lot of our friends and family but it was very sweet to spend closer time with the few that we did. 

The kids have been just being kids. The little boys play in the dirt a lot and love the playground.


Alima is on the road! Well, a little bit. She got her drivers permit!!! Holy cow! She is growing up so fast. 

She has come so far and is becoming such an amazing young woman. I really am so proud of her. I keep thinking that one day she will leave our home and go to her own. There will be days when she wont be with us because she is off living her own life and that makes me sad. I love her and when she is gone her presence will be missed. Untill then I hug, love and cherish her sweet spirit and loving heart. I also think about her living her own life. She can come and go as she pleases and the freedoms she will have are going to be welcoming to her. I am also thinking about all the responsiblities that come with being an adult and I pray I am doing enough to help her so when she is out on her own she doesnt flounder too much.

So, I found a great idea to share with my kids. I created Instagram accounts for the boys because as they are growing they will not get to remember all the little moments in thier life and so, I decided to help with them remember all the great things we are doing. I post thier favorite things like T.V. shows, movies, music and pictures of them just being them.

Another reason I did this was because as we get older we loose people we love. I have had so many people I know lately feel the pain and heartache of death. Some of those that left this world were young and had not had the chance to even start to begin thier lives and some have been those old sweet souls that have lived a long wonderful life. I just keep thinking of my kids and when I leave this world I want them to have something that they can remember this small moment of time that they have because one day the time will have flown by.

I think like this because in my childhood we didn’t have much and what we did have most was lost due to many of our moves in my childhood and just random quirky things, I now have been left with little to no pictures of my childhood. I wish I had the technology people have these days to record those moments of my life.

One day, I will forget many of the chapters in my life’s story and I will not be able to share it with my kids, I don’t want that for them, so I created their accounts. When they are older they will get the info to log into thier accounts and see all the treasured moments of thier lives. That thought makes my heart so happy. I am so glad to be able to do this for them. 

Every year Sunshine Acres has a golf tournement at Longbow Golf Course. The proceeds from the tournement go to Sunshine Acres to help support the children who are placed there. This year I had so much fun being able to volunteer with Hal.We had such a great time helping this year. Shoot Out for Sunshine was a great sucess. You can read more about it here. Shoot Out For Sunshine

While I was helping in the kitchen at Sunshine Acres and I was talking with Eve.  She is in the morning shift and let me tell you, this woman is a worker. She works so hard and does not stop till it’s time for her to go home. I love her attitude and her work ethic, anyway.I was talking about using more natural products on my face and for Alima well, she recommended this face mask. She even got some for us! So, we tried it. I love it. It is amazing.

We accidentally made a lot, like a whole lot. We both did it together and laughed as we saw each other looking like a mud alien. It’s so great! I love sharing those crazy goofy moments with her. So, of course I had to get a picture of us. Here is more about the mask here. Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

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