Wow, August was busy!

Bleachers creatures is a project that the South New Milford Baptist Church does to help the fairgrounds clean up after the fair. We have gone each morning to help and I am so glad that we did. After feeling like we weren’t fitting and struggling to make friends this has helped a lot in that. The kids are such a great help picking up the trash around. I usually am hesitant to allow the littles to do stuff like this cause sometimes they can be a bit hard to handle if they don’t want to cooperate. But yet once again they have surprised me.
Calvin had problems the first day but over the next few days warmed up and was helpful. I thought I was going to be doing more telling him to pick up stuff and be on him more about that than anything else but, yes, he surprised me. Calvin met a little girl about his age named Naomi and he has been Lin love. It was so cute to watch them holding hands and trying to be in each others group. He would ask everyday if we were going to the fair just so he could see her. It is precious.
Steven after the first day went to another group and did just as great. Halim and Alima really enjoyed it as well. Alima got to help and visit with some of her friends and Halim was able to make new friends. I am really glad we went. It was an early start of the day for a week but it was worth it.
Yardwork we are finding is a never ending thing. Should have been obvious but you know I’m kinda slow on the uptake. Thankfully because we still don’t have our won tools our neighbors let us use theirs. I took their riding lawnmower home and the yard looks amazing after I mowed it. I also went over and helped our neighbors mow all their land. It was the first time I’ve ever used a ring lawnmower and I don’t think I did to shabby. Im excited to do it again.
Halim has a buddy helping him with dishes.
Calvin is a good supervisor.
The baby turkeys are getting so big. I really have enjoyed watching them grow from tiny baby chicks and seeing them get bigger and bigger.
Today the kids helped me make lunch. Im a control freak so sometimes reliquishing that control is a bit hard. Well, we gave it a shot today and they did really well. Im proud of them. We made pigs in a blanket and I gave directions and let them do the rest. Lunch turned out nicely.
Well, Alima got a job, sort of.
The fair is in town and one of the venders needed helps o they asked the church if there were any kids who could help. Alima was also looking for a way to make extra cash and so she went and talked to the lady. Alima got hired and rocked it! The other venders around her loved to hear her singing. It drew people in and she loved it. Man, she worked hard. She only worked for a few days but got the taste of working and making money and is hooked.
Speaking of the fair after all the hard work the kids did this week cleaning it up they got treated some ride tickets and they had a blast. They rode the Ferris Wheel and a small kiddy rollercoaster. halim used his tickets for the Disitron, a spinning ride. I told him to be careful and hope he doesn’t get stuck by some kid who throws up.. EEWWW!!! thankfully no one got sick nd it was all fine. The kids had a deep fried Snickers bar for the first time as well as Funnel Cake and they were in heaven. They loved it all. The fair has been good to these guys and they really want to go back again next year.