Timothy Lake South RV Camping September 28- 10-3, 2018

East Stroudburg, PA

After being inside for the last couple of days, due to rain and me resting,


These boys are so happy to be outside they are showing off their guns!

The sun is shining there’s a few clouds in the sky but it’s really nice. The playground is so much fun and a little boys found tons of acorns to play with.

They also had so much fun riding down the street with their dump trucks. I called them the Dumptruck Boys. They were so cute.
In October the campground shut down for the winter so we are about the only people here which is kind of nice. It’s kind of sad though because the kids want somebody to play with and there’s not anyone to play with. We do have friends coming the next couple of days so they will have someone soon.

We going to Buttermilk Falls with the Skeets, some new friends we made though a Facebook group we belong to, and another family who also Rv’s full time. We are super excited. We are taking the dog with us so we will see what happens😳.  

We had sooo much fun! The kids had a great time hiking even though the trail was a bit steep. Even the dog had a good time. We had to go over some wet spots and he pulled Alima through the mud. Her shoes were COVERED in mud. 

Calvin and Steven loved playing by the water and really liked hiking the trail. Halim was in the front of the group for most of the hike and he wanted to keep going even after all of us had gone as far as we could go. Man, that kid is a trooper and a trailblazer!

The falls were beautiful. We did find though that the road has tons of pot holes and the falls have no restroom, so go potty before you get there. If you are up for it you can hike to part of the Appalachian Trail that was further up the trail than we wanted to go. The falls are very pretty and a great trip.

We stopped on the way back we had some great ice cream with some great new friends at a little local shop called Llama Ice Cream. They make ALL thier own ice cream and it is sooo good. It’s a small shop but they have some tropical flavors I had never heard of but it was very tasty.The flavors were so rich and creamy. This was a happy accident that Hal found when he was driving to Starbucks and didn’t turn the right way. I’m so glad he found it and we went. 

Another great shop we went to was the Country Kettle Candy and Gift Shop. This place had so many things I don’t even know where to start. Everything you could possibly think of they had. Everything from purses, gifts, candles, books, camping stuff and of course CANDY!! 

Where we went