Sunshine Holiday Daytona Feb. 13 – 17, 2018

Ormond Beach, Florida

The boys and I went to the park at the campground to play A LOT! It was cool. There is a climbing structure shaped like a pirate ship and a monster truck they can climb on. They can also climb or sit on the train or play in the swings. There is also a large metal slide the burn your butt on during the hot day, hahaha. I could not keep the boys away from the park they loved it so much. This park was so nicely kept.

Calvin and Steven were so busy playing they were pooped and needed a nap

Alima took Molon to the dog run and she said it was on the smaller side. He broke out and took himself for a short run.
Problem is that there are canals and lakes all over here. I think Orlando all over again. Alima said she already saw an alligator, yikes. I went and looked at it later and it was fine. There were tunnels for them to go through and lots of sticks to get. I also thought it was nice that they had a trash dumpster nearby for any dog poo you had to take care of.

He was so busy running and chasing stuff he wore himself out.

Hal has had terrible issues with the No-See-Ums. He cannot get rid of them not matter what he does. Poor guy. He got eaten up so bad here.
We are finally getting school together. We are using a mix of Khan Academy, Ck-12, Apps and Easy Peasy. Hopefully before to long we can get on thing and use that instead of switching between several sources. 

Rv Park Review

The grounds look good. The grounds look good. The park is laid out into 2 circles. There is an east and a west parts to the park. The clubhouse and most of the amenities are in the center by the office. The bathhouse is decent size but showers are kinda small. They could be cleaner. This place did not give us a sewer hook up, which they did not tell us about. They have a guy come with a portable dump station 2x per week, on Tuesday and Friday. This made showers and using any water VERY inconvenient. There is a park and a good sized dog run. There is also a road where you can walk them on that is in the back. I looked at the dog run and it was clean.