Sherwood Forest Rv Resort Feb. 25 – March 11, 2018

Kissimmee, Florida

We had a great time coming back to Sherwood. We connected with a few other families and they were great.

We went to Gypsy Gold and filmed more for them. We love going there. I think we could have spent so much more time there if we had it.

The boys played at the play ground at the campground a lot. It was so nice connecting with families and being able to visit. They made some good friends and so did I. By the time they were ready to go in for the night they were sweaty and tired. Signs of a great day. I’m glad we were there for a longer time.

True to form Halim our lizard/ snake finder found this guy wandering at the park. I cannot tell you how excited he was when he found it but I can express to you the joy he had when he got to look for more and then found a plethora

We went to Cocoa Beach with our friends from PA and that was so fun. The waves were rough one day so the kids didn’t get to go to far out in the water. Plus Steven was dealing with a bad rash from the pool and mosquito bites. The big kids got to ride on the boogie boards and surf board our friends rented. They had such great time. Calvin loves just digging in the sand so he kept Steven company for most of the day.

If you get a chance Twisty Treat is a great ice cream place. The ice cream was so delicious and it was reasonable for all of us. 

We ate at Rosie’s Smoking Hot Bar-B-Que on our way home. Holy crap! that was good BBQ! The owner was so sweet and the portions were huge! It was so worth it. I think we loved everything we had. We had the big platter and the whole thing was devoured 😀

Places we went