Scotrun Rv Resort & Timothy Lake North RV Sept. 20-27, 2018

Scotrun & East Stroudsburg, Pa.

We were going to be here for about a week and a half but we weren’t, we were only here overnight and even that long was too long. We were frustrated because we asked for a site with full hook- ups and we confirmed that that was what we would have when we got to the campground but when we got there,  it was not the case. We stayed one night and left.

After the office lady hassling us and Hal sticking to his guns, got moved to another site with full hook ups but it was so small and there was no way for us to back in. So, we just dumped our full tanks at the dump station and headed up back to the office to tell them we wouldn’t be staying. Then we booked it to our next campground.

At Timothy Lake North we were in space C-21 and loved it. It was kinda close to the amenities and especially the Rec Hall. That place was neat because it had an indoor ball pit for the little kids and had other Arcade games for the big kids. They also had some games and events for the kids to go to on the weekend. 

So, we may have to skip New York.

I’m so bummed for Alima. Unfortunately, because I am having what could end up being troubles with my eyes, we may have to just skip all our plans and head straight to Az. I had been seeing floaters for a few days and then there was a circle that started flashing in the bottom corner of my vision in my right eye. Well, the next day the circle was black and I couldn’t see through it. then over just a few days it just stayed there. We know something was seriously wrong.  I have a doctors appointment on Monday and that will determine what we do next. So, I have to take it easy which means the blog can get updated. 

And thankfully Alima is so great, that she can take the kids to play and they love the rec. hall. You got to admit its amazing when they have a great ball pit for the kids.

The last few days of been kind of crazy. I, on Friday, went to an ophthalmologist and they said that my retina was detached in my right eye. Which required emergency surgery.

They scheduled my surgery and were thankfully able to get my surgery quickly. The only major problem that I had was when I went to go do the pre-op health exam. The people at the emergency care center were ridiculous. When I got there there were only a few people in the waiting room but I ended up waiting an hour and 45 minutes just to be seen. I told them when I got there this was urgent and that they were waiting for me at the hospital to have my eye surgery. Even the Eye Center that I had been seen at and who scheduled the surgery called them and told them that this was urgent. So I waited and after awhile I went up to the desk and asked them when I would be seen and of course the girl didn’t give me a straight answer so then I waited longer and called my Dr. They said they would call the Urgent care.

They called the Urgent care and then after I waited longer before I went up to the front desk and made a huge scene. Frankly, I don’t care. All the people who were there before me had come and gone and even many of the people who had come in AFTER me had been seen and left. This wasn’t right because they knew this was urgent and I knew that for them to do what they needed to do it would only take a few minutes and yet there I was an hour and 45 minutes later still waiting! Finally after causing a big scene they finally let me in. I did apologize because I was yelling at the nurses on the staff. then the nurse said that some of the people who had come in while I was waiting were doing drug tests! It took them longer for them to pee in a cup than it did for my exam and yet, there I sat waiting while at any moment my eye could have gotten worse and I could have gone blind. But needless to say I acted wrong. It never looks good when you start yelling and screaming at people. And even though you think it might feel good to do that it never sits well in your heart. And after I calmed down, I truly was embarrassed for the way I behaved.

Well, after that we ended up driving down to Philadelphia where we went to the Wills Eye Center. The doctors and staff there were great. They saw me right away and by 2 o’clock I was done with my surgery. It only took about two hours.
The next day we went to the follow up appointment they said everything looks good so we have one more week before we can see the doctor again and hopefully be on our way to Illinois.

Oh, and just be aware when you’re in Philadelphia, be careful of the parking lots because we had problems with the one that we were at across from the eye center because the guy try to charge us $35 when we should’ve only been charged $30 and it was only when we were leaving that he said there was an extra $5 charge because of an oversized vehicle. Needless to say, Hal was very annoyed. Now to some $5 isn’t much but to some people it is. But we got out of there and finally got home after 10 o’clock.  we thought about leaving the kids with Alima at home but I’m glad we didn’t because we left the house at about 6:30 and didn’t get home till after 10. That would have not gone well for anyone.
The next day we went to the follow up appointment they said everything looks good so we have one more week before we can see the doctor again and hopefully be on our way to Illinois.

Park Review


Pulling in here I already don’t like it. The spots are small. There is only 7 sites with full hookups. All the rest appear to be filled with people who live at the park in their Rv’s. 

We were supposed to get a site with full hookups but instead got stuck with one that is water and electric only and our grey tank is full. We were informed by the office that the honey wagon comes on Saturday, Sunday and Wednesday only and that you have to pay $15 EACH TIME YOU NEED IT!!! That makes me VERY unhappy.

There is a playground, pool and other amenities BUT we got put at the back of the park (E section). I know this is a fairly trivial thing but I would rather be by the things we will use other than back at the park. Not fun times. I do not want to be back here again. The sites are wooded and ours had a picnic table and outdoor grill. 

Timothy Lake Resorts – North

There is no free WiFi but there is Starbucks nearby. There is a fire and picnic table at our site. It is full hook ups. We are also located fairly close to the amenities and office. There is a really nice playground, pool, laundry facilities, volleyball, shuffleboard, basketball, corn hole, horseshoe pit, mini golf and activities.

Washing machines are $2, dryer’s are $1.75. There are laundry hours that are 10 AM to either 5 or 8 PM. The lady in the office wasn’t sure which one it was. It takes quarters that you can get from the office if you need some. There is no dog park.