Rose Bay Travel Park Feb. 9 – 13, 2018

Port Orange, Florida


Steven lost his tooth while we were here. That kid had that tooth loose for a month and I finally just gave it a pull and out it came. He was so afraid it was going to hurt and that’s why he wouldn’t let me do it. He was so happy when it was out though. 

Hal dropped us off at the beach so we played there for the day. I can’t get over how much my kids really love the beach. I would have thought they would get bored with it but they ask to go everyday. There were no shower stations or restrooms where we were so be aware. We thankfully brought water so we used that to rinse off and there are restaurants nearby but I’m not sure how they feel about people coming off the beach to their place.

Alima loved making dinner and singing to us. Its something she does al to and loves every minute of it. Anytime she can sing and have an audience she is in heaven.

Park Review

The spots were good sized. Lots of Bikers and people who are there long term. They were friendly but there were no kids. Maybe we were in the off season, I’m not sure. There was NOWHERE for the kids to play. Halim saw a snake in the creek behind us and so that was a huge no go. There was also no dog run but there were lots of dogs.
We were right against a creek and it stank. Hal kept getting bit by No-See-ums and mosquitoes. The laundry wasn’t expensive but a pain to work. You needed a card and it would only take debit or credit cards to pay for the laundry card. The office lady was NEVER in the office. We had a late check in and every time we went up there to check in she wasn’t there. There was a pool but we didnt use it. It looked nice. The grounds were well kept. We didn’t go to the bathhouse so I have no idea what that was like.

Where we went