Moving On

So, these few days after we have found out we won’t be getting the farm has been hard. There is a lot that has happened but we will keep it private for now. We feel such a deep loss. Just as we were thinking that this was going to work we have been deeply hurt. 

We have decided to not pursue anything. God has given us clear directions about how to handle situations and I have learned the hard way that when you do things against what God has clearly said you shouldn’t do or how you should handle a situation then it never goes well and we need to obey. There are consequences but also when you do something that isn’t right, there is a price. 

The kids are so sad that they have made good friendships and now it’s gone. We do plan on them keeping in contact with friends from church through Facebook, so that is a help but you know its not the same. The friends who we have made here are just as sad as we are that we are leaving, but on a good note we have made friends who have offered us places to stay when we come back and we definitely plan on coming back to the area. 

We are going to be looking at travel trailers this week and there are many on the market that will fit our needs. So hopefully we will find one quickly and be able to leave soon

Acrylic Pour Art One of our friends Sandie showed Alima how to make . It was so much fun! It was super easy too. Click the link and here are basic directions and a list of supplies. Her daughter Ada makes them and sells hers on Facebook click the link to go to her page Ada’s Starving Art and check her work out, you wont be disappointed. She is so talented. I’m so glad they shared this with us. Alima made an awesome one below. She used gold metallic paint and it is so super cool how it catches the light and is super shiny. She is so excited about hers. It reminds us of dragons a little.

Here is the one I made. I love the lighter colors  with the black and the turquoise in it.