Move day and our stop in El Paso Oct. 21-23, 2018

Unfortunately we got a late start today. We were hoping to get out early and meet up with some friends for lunch today. We’re still going to meet up for lunch but we’re gonna be late. I was hoping to be able to get done in an hour but things just kept popping up and everything made it take longer and longer and longer. Finally, now we are on our way.

Taking a break in Fayetteville, Arkansas we met  up with some fellow full-time families for lunch, the Dotsie’s and the Turners. We went to the wrong stop but now we are back on track and headed for lunch which is good cause I’m starving.

We spent a short time with the Dotsies and the Turners. (Both have websites) it is so great to share and be understood but also to speak your mind and have the affirmation voiced by others, that what your thinking is right.

I have been struggling with friendships lately and being lonely. One thing we have learned about this life is that if your not careful then it can be isolating and lonely, if you let it. We have learned to intentionally surround ourselves with others to protect us from being lonely and feeling isolated. On the heels of loosing the farm and friendships that have hurtfully ended, I am seeking community. God did not create us to be alone. He created us to be social beings who need fellowship and community with others. This is something that is very important to Hal and I but I know I have struggled with creating. I am hoping as time goes one this will be fixed and my heart will heal, I know it will but I am waiting. We do have several close friends who he and I talk to regularly, which has been such a blessing

I kind of worry about Alima but she is smart and has realized that she too needs to put herself out there to make friends and connections. I am so grateful for how friendly the rv community is to each other and how willing people are to be a good friend to one another. I love knowing that if I needed anything from any of my friends, those who Rv or not, I can call and be welcomed and have an ear to hear my life. There are the friendships that are rare and few and far between that are so special. I thankfully have been blessed with amazing friends. I just need to remember that sometimes. When you find those friends who touch your life and make a difference in a huge way that’s a special thing. Its a thing I hope and pray everyone will find at least once in their lifetime.

El Paso is once again a welcomed treat for us. Luke and Jennifer have been such amazing friends to us these few days. We have been having issues with attitudes, helping out and just some disrespectful hearts lately. But spending time with parents who don’t take crap reaffirm to me that the little issues I have with my kids could turn out to big issues as they get bigger. We spent so much time talking how to solve this problem gathered around Jennifer and Luke’s bed. Listening to their kids stories and hearing about all the struggles they all faced with changing old habits was a very sobering moment. Its funny how God places people in your life to help you at the perfect time. I did learn that nipping it in the bud is important. But being consistent is more important. These are things Hal has been telling me for many years and these are areas I struggle with a lot. Thankfully Jennifer and her kids showed me what can happen if I fail but also what can happen if I succeed. I am determined not to have kids who are rude, disrespectful or jerks. So, today is a new day and I welcome the opportunity to make a good change for my kids. I have let to many things grow to be problems and I intend to make it stop. 

I also learned good food is my love language. Jennifer cooked us some amazing  Mexican food and now my family is spoiled and wants me to to cook like Jennifer all the time and after being with her for the past few days I am excited to try new things and make my family tasty good food.

To be honest though I never was making them bad food, just food that was ok, it wasn’t great but it wasn’t bad, it was just ok.
They took us to a small hispanic grocery store and I picked up some fresh, I mean FRESH tortillas. They were so fresh hal had a hard time holding them they were so hot.
I also got Goya Adobo All Purpose Seasoning. I also got some Goya Cilantro Cooking Base. Holy COW! This stuff is so tasty!!! why did I not try this stuff sooner! listen stop reading, head to the nearest store and find this stuff! if your making Mexican food this is stuff you wont regret cooking with.

For breakfast on our leave day, Jennifer made the kids eggs and hotdogs. Ok, So I know most of you are going to be saying to yourself, “Randie! why on God’s green earth would you eat that?! Gross!” but no, no, friends it is not gross and my kids LOVED it. Listen, its the easiest breakfast you will EVER make. If you can scramble eggs then you can make this. Trust me you want to try this. You just cut up some hot dogs and brown them in a pan then add eggs, scramble them all together then slap it all in a fresh warm tortilla and there you have it! An amazing, tasty breakfast. 

While we were at Jennifer and Lukes house Alima (of course) struggled with painting her nails and Jennifer was more than happy to help her feel special and girly. Jennifer painted them then added rhinestones, which she has never had on before, it was so cool.

We had to leave our dear friends and head out to Az. I think we are all ready to stop for a bit and take a break. Being in the car for so long is hard on a body, and I’m not even the one driving. It’s times like this that make me feel bad that I don’t drive the trailer and truck. Hal is responsible for all of our driving. We have talked about me driving but we have both realized it would be difficult for me. There is so much more that you have to think about and do when pulling such a huge amount of weight and such a long load. 

Who we met

You can find more info about everyone I mentioned by clicking their name.

You can find our friends The Dotsies website here 

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