More happenings in July

excited to have our friends Jon and Diana come and visit in a few weeks. We don’t really have any plans with them other than catching up and visiting. They will be with us for a few days and we are so glad.
There was a church picnic that the church its on every year and we we able to go. It was so fun. The kids ran all over and I met some of Alima new friends. Hal unfortunately missed the whole thing because someone was coming to look at the trailer. We have had to put it up for sale and he is so sad. He really was hoping to be able to travel even with the farm and now he is sad he wont be able too.
Well, the planning for the farm has started. We have been seriously looking into what we should raise and have here. I find this so exciting and fun. We will do worms and chickens to start. Then the next year the greenhouse and gardens and the following year we will add larger livestock. Thankfully we have plenty of time to figure it all out and take the time we need to be able to make good choices. I want to get the kids in 4-H to help them with learning how to the care of the farm animals they want to get. Halim really really really wants a pig and, of course Alima wants a horse. I really want chickenes and Guinea Hens. We shall see. I found this book to be a huge help in figuring out what I want anshelping with basic knowledge of farm animals. I guess theres a good reason the cover is so worn.
We are adjusting to how rural we are. Laundry is getting to be a bear as we don’t have a washer or dryer yet. When we sold the trailer we used some of that money to buy a fridge cause the house didn’t come with one and its been so nice. I can’t wait till we get the washing machine and dryer. I either handwash stufff or wait till we can get the massive pile of laundry to the laundromat. This is not easy. Going to the grocery store takes about 30 minutes and so I try to get everything we need while I’m there but when I don’t we improvise, haha.
We have had a power outage for the first time and were a little freaked out. We are totally unprepared for those. I had no idea it could be an issue but from what I’m told it gets worse in the winter storms. We have neighbors who have a generator and are such a great resource for everything around here. I have been helping her with her chickens and that has been so fun. I have been learning a lot about chickens. I helped her build a chicken run for her smaller chickens but unfortunately some got away and we weren’t able to find them. Then over the next few days more were missing. We are all so sad about it. I was hoping they maybe had just gotten out and would come back but the longer and longer they are gone the less likely it is they will come back.