A conversation with Jerry Levinson

Join us on this two part series as we chat with Jerry Levinson

Jerry Levinson is the owner of Carpets of Arizona and Creator of The Home Seller’s Dream Program. He is also the author of two books.

Being the right fit
People don’t realize the liability that comes with hiring people who don’t have the experience and know how to get a job. There are steps that have to take place to be hired for a job. Sending an email asking for a job is not the way most people will get hired. The employer doesn’t know your experience. They don’t know what your work ethic is or anything about you. If you aren’t a fit for the company then you wont get hired. Its not helping a person succeed if you are just giving them job because they ask because if it turns out they aren’t the right fit you aren’t really helping them and you loose time and money in training them. Every employee has the responsibility to make the employer money and if they aren’t going to do that then they are of no value to the employer.

Work ethic
Everyone is taught that work is bad. That they can’t wait for the weekend. Working isn’t a bad thing. Three is so much joy and pleasure in working. Most people are happier when they are working and work is a good thing. Mike Rowe talks about how people have vilified work, especially in the service and manufacturing industries. Those are the fields we need and those are the areas that we should place an equal value in, like we do with doctors and lawyers. After Jerry was hanging out with entrepenures he realized there is a huge desire to teach the younger generations, the 17-21 year olds, work ethic, values and other things they but they arent interested in learning about that. Unfortunately, we have a desire to teach them but many of them have no desire to learn. So we have to find a way to find out what they are interested in. We need to help them find what they are passionate about. We need to help them figure out what lights their fire.

Struggles and haunting souls
Walt Disney went through bankruptcy 12 times. He over came the fear and challenges.

He inspires Jerry very much because he took risks and overcame things that hold many people back from reaching their dreams. Fear that haunts mens souls is a thing that enturepunres have to deal with all the time. like being able to make payroll, being afraid of not being successful in the business you have chosen, employees, family, assets. Dealing with it and overcoming it maybe hard but the reward is so great. No one considers what people have gone through to get where they are at, the fears, the struggles, and risks they have taken to get to where they are at and meanwhile generally speaking the employees are getting paid along the way regardless of the struggles or issues that may be going on in the business owners life. If there is a death in the family they have to keep on going, you don’t get time off, or sick leave. Its something that comes with the territory and nothing comes easy but if you walk a mile in their shoes you may well understand a bit more about their life. If you help your employees set and reach their goals then you will have a great flourish-ing business. your employees should be your main concern. Most people think that business owners are in it for themselves but we think that its more about building up your employees because if you care about them then they care about you and in turn care about your business and success because your success means they have success and when you do well, they do well. It’s about working as a team and when you work as a team people will help you work and do well. So share your goals so that the employees know what your goals are so they can hep you reach them. You can be happy with your employees and mad at them but the worst thing you can do is not care. If you don’t care, then they wont care and it will show.

People Focused not Product Focused
Focus more on the people you are serving and not so much product. The best thing you can do as a business owner is to experience your business from the customers point of view rather than telling them what you think should be important to them. So go on your website, is the navigation easy for them to understand? Is it clear? What are your service or product costs? Is it easy to find? Is the information about your service or product easy to find and understand? Personal touches and what they are looking for is what they will love and come back to you for. Will they have an experience of,” Oh, this guy gets me!” or will it be something else?

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PART 2 of the conversation with Jerry

Skill sets are important to your business Someone has a skill set and thinks they can do it better themselves and being able to keep the profit but don’t understand how to grow the business or what it takes to really be self employed they think they can be their on boss but it takes more than just skills to do the job so you need more than just the skills of the job you need the skills like marketing, sales, you have to understand that they skills to start the business aren’t the same skills you need to run your business also to start the business are different than keeping the business going. Having more time doesn’t not mean you will have you will get more done but most times its the opposite. When you are busy you get more done. Working from Home and going to a work place Not everyone can work from home. Some people need to get out. Working outside of the home brings variety that either come from people who come into your business or if you travel for your business but also just getting out from the home. For some people the fantasy of working at home just isn’t what its cracked up to be. On the other hand some people have a harder time working for home due to distractions and other things. Listen to part two of this episode by clicking the link here