Life on the farm June 23 – 30, 2018

Because no one has lived here in quite some time the weeds have grown to of control so we decided to do something about it. Hal went over to our neighbors and they were generous enough to loan us their brush hog.
We put the kids to work pulling all the weeds and grass next to the house and boy there was a ton. They worked so hard. There is so much more that needs to be done but thankfully we have time and we can do it a little at a time.
While Hal was out on the brush hog he found this tiny guy hopping around all over. I grabbed him and helped him find safety. The kids were so thrilled to see it. The littles wanted to hold this tiny guy but I told them we had to let them go so it can go be back with its family. I cannot believe how tiny this baby was. Its poor heart was beating so so fast because he was scared so I found him some cover to hid in and left him there. I really wanted to hold it more but I was so afraid it would get over stressed and die. I was happy to see it hop into the grass and go away.
So since the barn hasn’t been used in a long time wither I decided to air it out. Holy cow! There are spiders everywhere! I have never seen so many of them. I also found a Robins nest and the parent bird was really upset that I was near it so, I finished opening up the doors and left. There are stalls and an upper hay loft as well as a smaller chicken coop. I am so excited about what plans we can do with this place!
We have found a few wasp nests and have been trying to keep them away. I got some really good spray at the store and managed to kill all of the nests except for one. That wasp nest is just to big for me to get close enough to to really get it doused and I can’t even think of knocking it down. So I read that they go away at the then of August or September so l’ll knock it down then. Thankfully its on a side of the house we don’t go to and they haven’t really bothered us.
So there are a few mornings where we have gotten up early and the fog is amazing. It just hangs in the air like a sweet blanket. It makes everything around us look like a fairy tale. On this morning I saw our deer near the pond. It was so surreal. I love the fog.
So something the kids have found is the giant grasshoppers and crickets. They re huge. They are Stevens most favorite thing to catch other than the worms. This one he called Hoppy and it was his friend. I put a short video up on Instagram about him. Its so cute how much they love them. I don’t mind only for the fact they want to bring them in the house and keep them there. Uh, no thanks. The bugs can stay outside where they belong.
Speaking of crickets, there are a great deal of them here. I have found that they are my most favorite sound out here. Well, they are about the only sound out here. Its so quiet other than the occasional bird. I really like the sounds.