Lake & Shore Rv Resort May 13-24, 2018

Ocean View, New Jersey

This place is super cool

​The kids went to the lake and found tadpoles, frogs, baby turtles and there are squirrels all over. They are loving it. Calivin was running on the dock and fell into the lake. He was not happy but it was funny. Alima helped him out and he said he was scared because he was afraid of the sharks. I guess Alima told him there were sharks in the lake and he believed her. Haha. There are a lot of long term people here but the busy season is really the summer and after Memorial Day.

On Tuesday we headed to the Cape May County Park & Zoo.

This a donations based zoo with over 500 animals to visit. Across the street is a huge park with lots of parking spaces. There are picnic tables and pavilions as well. We really liked it here. If you come later during the day probably after 1 you will miss the school field trip crowd. They have all the favorite major animals as well as many many types of birds. The Halims favorite place was the foxes. Alima’s and the little boys favorite place was the reptile house. I actually enjoyed the Poison Dart Frogs. They are soooooo tiny. Their colors are soooo bright though.

I also liked the Red Fox and  There were Peacocks and Peahens  everywhere and we also saw some of the males showing off their tail feathers to the females. It was pretty impressive. They also have an indoor aviary that you can see more birds. There were a few exhibits that they were working on, so they were closed. I say overall this is a great zoo. The kids really enjoyed playing at the playground after we were done. It is split into two parts. One for bigger kids and one for littles. There is lots of grass to run on and play in as well. When we left I got lost and boy, finding yourself on a tiny island with lots of roads and every single one you need to take is closed can be VERY frustrating. We finally made it home and I crashed.

I was torn about taking the kids because I hadn’t been feeling good since Sunday but I knew it was going to rain for the next few days so basically it was now or never. 

I had a spot on my side that I had seen and it was a small bug bite so I chalked it up to a mosquito bite. Well, on Tuesday Hal saw it and he said it looked bad. Then on Wednesday I was so sick. I was in a lot of pain. Everything hurt. My head, my meck and my muscles felt like I had been in a WWE match. I didn’t want to eat or drink anything either. Hal looked at the bite and now it was more red and more hot. He did a bit of research and he thought it was Lyme  Disease.

I went to a nearby Urgent Care and the doctor there said it was either Lyme or Shingles. I wasn’t buying Shingles and neither was Hal. He gave me some amoxicillin and said if the next few days were worse I needed to come back. Let me tell you Lyme is no joke. I was in so much pain. I was so lethargic and had energy for nothing. I came home from the Dr. and slept for the next few days pretty much. I had a low fever but it was enough for me to get night sweat. I guess it was a pre- show for when I get hot flashes, nope don’t want that mess. That was my next few days. I don’t remember much. I think because I was sleeping most of it. But thankfully after many amazing people praying for me and the meds kicking in by Saturday I was my old self, or pretty close to it. The other part of this that stinks is after Tuesday it rained everyday until Sunday then sunny on Monday and rain again on Tuesday but after that, Praise Jesus, it’s sunny till we leave. YES!!!

We went to Ocean City today and it was so much fun. The kids played in the water for a bit but it was super cold. We are in the off season so lots of things are closed. I’m ok with that because I can imagine in the on season it’s nuts here. I already have issues with driving in traffic I can’t imagine how bad it would be if there were tons of other people on the road. The boys and I found some neat shells and I found some great rocks. Alima stayed home this time to do some stuff for her dad. I’m hoping to go to Wildwood tomorrow but it’s supposed to rain again so we will see. I am feeling better a little each day, thankfully. 

We went to Wildwood and it was dead empty. It is also the off season. I talked to a lifeguard who was driving the beach and he said that Memorial weekend is going to be the start of the season and it’s going to be nuts. I’m glad we went when it was dead. There was tons of metered parking and a few free spaces. I am glad I didn’t have to deal with traffic. I can imagine that on season it’s crazy to drive in the small streets we found here and in ocean city. No thanks folks. While we were at the beach we found a dead horseshoe crab and a few crabs. I was so excited to find sea glass. It is a tiny piece but I have always wanted to find some and now I have. I also found some pretty small rocks. 

The kids played in the waves but then a storm started coming our way so we left and as we were leaving it hit. We go wet but the rain passed a little before we got to the truck. We weren’t a t the beach long but it was fun. Calvin had to stay home because he go into trouble but he still had a good time with his dad. 

We decided to leave early. The bugs were bad and we just weren’t having a good time. We were going to leave the next day anyway. Hal was dissapointed that the amenities weren’t open even though there were kids who would use them. I was ok with it because they had the lake and the playground. There was pollen everywhere. We were over the rain too. It rained almost everyday we were there. Not fun times. I think the park itself was fine I think that we had a less that fun time because of the rain and I got sick. Oh, well. Now off to Gettysburg Farm 

Where we went

Park Review

There is a lake you can swim and fish in. A kids arcade and a bunch of washers and dryers in the laundry room ($2.25 wash and for dry). The restrooms by us are not bad but could use a better cleaning. When I let the desk clerk know that the men’s  needed attention she was very quick to let me know they would have someone take care of it. There are many playgrounds and one is very close to the lake. The grounds here are sandy. There is shopping nearby. The site we were at is C5 and is a very large spot. The RR are right near us as well as the laundry, camp store, put put, lake and other things.