Kenisee Lakes Rv Campground Oct. 4-8, 2018

Jefferson, Ohio

This park is so neat. They have lots of stuff for kids to do. We saw a lake you could fishing in but you weren’t able to swim in which was fine because it was cold and rainy while we were there anyway. They have a very good sized main playground. which the boys really like, as well as a mini golf course. 

It was pretty wet when we stayed here so we really didn’t venture out, well that and my eye is still not seeing right so I don’t drive. That and Hal had a huge pile of work to catch up on.

The dark moody skies were so cool to see. I have never seen clouds so huge and fluffy.

The thick, fluffy, tall clouds brought rain off and on but also a beautiful and bright rainbow. Usually, when I see one I haven’t really been able to see the purple in it but today I did and what a thing of beauty it is. Most times when it has stormed where we are it is cold when a storm comes but not today. When it wasn’t raining it was warm out. Coming from Az this is something that we really aren’t used to. We are used to rain and wind that lasts a short time then is gone but today when it poured it was like heaven opened a flood gate and all the waters from the heavens poured out. I love it!!!

When we left the ground was so muddy. It was not fun to pack up and leave. We had to be really careful that we didn’t slip and fall and then all the hoses were sopping wet and in the mud. Gross  But we just rinsed them off and away we went.

We are now on our way to Illinois the plan is that we’re going to just go straight through. We’re not gonna try to stop at a campground. We’re probably going to boondocks at a Walmart or something along the way. We should be there in about two days.
Driving up here is going to take a lot longer than we planned for. My eye starts hurting at about 15,000 ft. So now we have to find alternate routes with lower elevationS. Thankfully Hal is a master at finding this tuff out.

Our unplanned, but so worth it, stop.

We realized that on our way to our friends house in Illinois that we would be a short way from Niagara Falls and that was a thing that cannot be missed. We stopped and they did not disappoint.

When we found the Rv parking section there was a huge flock of Sea Gulls that we were so tempted to drive through but unfortunately we refrained but that didn’t stop someone else from making a beeline to do it! It was so funny but we were a bit sad that all of them didn’t fly away like we expected them to. They just shuffled out of the way.
Parking for Rv’s is a bit tricky, Hal explains it, so much better than I could type, in our video about our trip. So make sure if you are planning on visiting to check that out.

Calvin was acting up was we were walking around so he was mad most of the time because the kid does not like to hold my hand but guess what? When you wander off and don’t stay with me, guess what you get to do? You get the joy of holding my hand and thats what he had to do the whole time we were there.

Steven, on the other hand, was so friendly and this couple had so much fn taking a few picots with him. The kids found so many pretty leaves and they wanted to bring them all home, even Alima found a bunch she liked. Steven had a huge handful but Calvin kept dropping his he had so many and Halim though only found the most interesting ones to bring back.

If you love photography and taking pictures, this is a great place to do it. The water and the fauna all over is breath taking and if you are a better photographer than I am (like Hal) you can get amazing shots of the falls.

There were so many things we didn’t end up doing that you should do when you visit because we were kinda short on time and Calvin was ready to go lay down and take a nap after all the walking we did. There is restrooms nd food here and nearby so you could do so much at the falls for even a few days.

Now we are back on the road!

Park Review

Spots are good sized ours has a picnic table and fire ring. The spots are on gravel.
There are playgrounds, no dog run and a pool. WiFi seems to be good. Laundry room was clean, to wash is $1.75 and to dry is $1.50.