July Happenings

It’s slow going at the farm right now. We are hoping things will pick up soon. We are just soaking all this time in and enjoying every minute of it. We found a laundromat where we do the laundry at and it nice. The machines are big so it really doesn’t take that long to get everything done. We will get a washing machine and dryer hopefully soon.
The boys have found a new fun thing to do. They have discovered how much fun it is to sit in a dump truck and roll down the hill.

Our friend brought us 2 dump trucks and the littles have soooo much fun riding them down the hill and into the ditch.

We have found that there are plenty of weeds to pull so we have been keeping pretty busy with that. So between pulling weeds and mowing I guess we are pretty busy. A benefit of being out in the yard is all the beautiful things you discover.

I happened across this lovely gigantic moth in the grass. I was able to pick it up and it didn’t even try to fly away. I have never seen a moth this big. Then the kids were on the balcony and found another one almost as big.

Then the same day we found this cute little frog out in the yard. The thing was so small. I did have the kids let him go because truthfully I didn’t want another dead worm incident again. YUCK!!
So, we have discovered a few fun places near us. Abington Community Library and The South Abington Park. Let me first say this place was fun. There is a creek the kids can play in as well as a ball field, splash pad and playground.
These boys just wanted to stay and play all day. As you can see was worth waiting at the laundry mat.

I saw some Damselflies and got this great shot of a bird in flight at the splash pad. I was so excited because after hal got his amazing shot of the Cardinal I wanted to see if I could get one and, it took awhile, but I did!

My mother in law sent me some beautiful kitchen towels for our farm. I was so excited to get them. She hand embroidered each one for us. They are so pretty. I love each one and the backing is a super soft flannel.

Calvin picked me these flowers today as we were getting ready to go to run errands. I thought he had put them on the ground but when I was getting in the car and setting up my phone I saw them in the dash compartment. It was sooo sweet.