Gettysburg Farm Rv Campground May 24-June 3, 2018

Dover, Pennsylvania

Also another amazing Farm

We decided to leave Lake and Shore early to get to Gettysburg Farm. We were not disappointed. This place is so neat. A few days before we got here there were baby goats born and they are soooo cute. Calvin is in love with the baby goats. Steven not so much.
All of the animals on the farm are friendly but I would be careful of the Alpacas and the Llama, they spit. There is a river that you can tent camp by but I heard thats where the people who like to party are at. Im glad we didn’t end up over there. The people next to us are sooo sweet and Calvin is in love with their little girl who is about his age. He told me he is going to marry her because he loves her and she looks like a princess. We met up with our good friends the McLains and Halim is having so much fun riding around with their son Noah. They are such good friends.
We went to Gettysburg outlet stores because the kids needed some stuff and Old Navy was having a huge Memorial Day sale so we got some great deals. Then we went over to Gettysburg and had lunch at O’Rorke’s and it was good. We were going to go to Hunt’s Battlefield Frie’s and Cafe but we decided not to because it was tiny in there and we waited for a long time for just a table. There were only a few people in there so we left.
We went to Hollabaugh Bros. Farm and that was fun they had a small strawberry festival there and we got some of their produce in that they grew as well as some of their milk and half and half from their cows.
We also got their peaches that were second picks for $5. I now know why they were second picks. They needed to be used or frozen right away cause they were very ripe. I decided to freeze them for smoothies. They had a bin with corn kernels in it for the kids to play in and they loved it. I think its better than the rice or sand sensory tables.
The McLain’s took the older kids to a car show at the Gettysburg outlets as well as the Gettysburg battlefield. They loved that. Kirsten and Brian got some great photos of the kids playing and some awesome shots of Alima posing at the battlefield. I stayed with the littles and got stuff ready for our Washington DC trip. Gettysburg is definitely a trip that I recommend. I was a little bummed that I didn’t go. Thankfully we know that this somewhere that we want to go.
We woke up before dawn and anyone who knows me knows unless its important I am never up that early. Washington is a huge deal so up I was and we got everyone up and out the door without any problems. Washington D.C. was so amazing.
First off a few tips.
Wear walking shoes. There is so much to do and see so you will want to be comfortable. Next most tours will not allow you to bring water with you but there are tons of restaurants in the area to stop and grab a bite and get a drink. Also TAKE THE TOURS. You won’t be disappointed.
On our tour we went to the White House and that was so amazing. We didn’t get to see the president and Hal was a little bit disappointed but it was still really super cool. One thing to remember when visiting the White House is security is super important so we went through about three or four security checkpoints. You are not allowed to bring anything into the White House. You were also not allowed to film the White House but you can take pictures with your cell phone.
When we were done with the White House we went to the capital. If you can I would suggest contacting your State representatives Office and see if there someone who can possibly give you a tour of the Capitol building. We got a tour from our Arizona State Representative Andy Bigg’s intern. She was great. The boys asked if they could hold her hand and she said yes. I informed her that once she did that they were going to follow her everywhere and sure enough they did. She was so great. She took us all over and they didn’t let her hand go at all. When they started fighting to hold her hand we had to have them come back to us but she was great and let them still walk with her.
I had no idea how much history was there but it was so awesome to walk through the buildings and see all the statues and paintings and things like that are representatives Intern was really great at providing us with a lot of information and answering all of our questions about the things that we saw. This tour was a bit longer than the White House tour because it was not self guided. Another tip for visiting Washington DC is that if you decide to do the White House or the capital make it into separate trips do not try to cram it all into one day because we found out the hard way there’s a little bit of time between each tour and you may not have time for lunch or something like that and you cannot bring food into any of the buildings. So another thing that we learned was that if you want to do Washington DC you really need to make it into a several day trips not a one day trip because you won’t be able to see as much as you really want to see. Friends since we didn’t see any of the Smithsonian’s. We didn’t see the Holocaust Museum. There were so many more that we wanted to see but unfortunately by the time we got finished with capital tour we were wiped out. I think of all of the things that we’ve done this is one thing that we wish we would’ve been able to spend more time doing. This is definitely a trip that we will be going back to and doing again.

Park Review

The internet is horrible even with our WiFi set up. Hal has not been able to get much work done. There are several playgrounds, as well as a petting zoo, hayrides, a pool, rec. hall, a store and so much more.There are all kinds of animals to pet and see. There is a picnic table at our site as well as a fire ring. We are located so there is a little playground right behind us. we are in spot 105. It is a little shaded and the ground is dirt with rocks to put your Rv on. there are lots of trees so some spots are more shaded than others. The roads are easy to navigate. Laundry is clean and well kept. I have not been to the bathhouse yet. It seems like everything is well taken care of and that the amenities are clean and neat.

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