Dunlo, Pennsylvania June 9-14 ,2018

We left our friends for about a week to come to our other friends house in Pennsylvania.
Our friends Jon and Dianna bought a church and have remodeled it to be their home. This church is huge. It’s a old Catholic church and they have spent the last few years doing it different things to it to make it their home.
The town that they live in is really actually called a village because the town is so small. Dianna and I went over to the local Walmart to get groceries. That is the only time that she has Internet. Yes, you heard that right she does not have Internet at her house, she has to go to town to get Internet. Hal had to go to the local Starbucks to get some work done a few days while we were visiting. The kids and I hung out with John and Dianna for most of our time here. It was really relaxing.
We did end up venturing out to The Flight 93 National Memorial in Pennsylvania. This is the national park that has put up the memorial for all of the people that were aboard the airplane that crashed in the field field and died on 9/11. This was a very sobering trip. They did a really great job at honoring the people who lost their lives that day in the crash.
I remember that day very vividly as Hal and I got ready for work we saw the two planes hit the towers on TV and at the memorial they show what happened on that day and the timeline. I would really recommend going and visiting this memorial. The builders and designers to really great job of preserving the area that the crash happened on. There is a gate that only the people who are related to the crash victims can go to but you can see some of the crash site from the gate. This was such a huge thing that happened in our history so I really think it something to important for kids to see and experience. I believe that this is our generations major event in history and that is something that we should not forget about and that we should remember. There also is a lot of walking here but they do provide wheelchairs if you need one. The other thing about it is this is also part of the Junior Ranger program so your children, if they are part of the program, can also fill out a booklet and receive a badge.
The next day we went to the Johnstown Flood Museum. So in case you’re not aware of the Johnstown flood museum is history museum that’s located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania and the museum dedicated to the flood that happened on May 31, 1889. There was a dam that had burst and in an hour of 40 foot wall of water that was traveling about 40 miles an hour came into John’s town and it killed about 2000 people. There was no way for people to get out. This is a museum that is also apart of the Junior Ranger program. There is a informational video that we watched but I would suggest not having children under the age of 12 or 13 watch it, only because of the themes as well as some of the detailed information in it, also for me it was a very dark video. Obviously it’s about a horrific event that happened but it just seemed too much on the dark side for me.
After leaving the Johnstown Memorial we went to the Johnstown Inclined Plane. That was really cool because you can go up and see above Johnstown where the flood happened. We didn’t get to ride the incline plane when we went only because it was closed and we were there too early to wait for it to open. There also is a ice cream shop & gift shop. We were also told that the restaurant located there was really good. I also like that there was a park just across the street that was a pretty good size and had a lot of play stuff to play on.
When we were finished visit our friends here we headed back to Dalton and so much has changed for us. Check out our next post to see what has been going on.

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