Dalton, Pennsylvania June 3- 10, 2018

We have arrived at our friends home in Dalton and are so happy to see them. Its been a long time. Hal and I met them when they all worked for Sunshine Acres in AZ. We missed them a lot. The kids have certainly grown since we saw them last.
For the kids it was like they never left each other. Sophia and Alima were thick as thieves and Halim hung out with their son Andrew. Andrew really liked hanging out with Halim and teaching him about his favorite sport, golf.
relished each second. The littles wouldn’t stay out of the pool even though it was so cold. Seriously their little lips were blue they were so cold, but you know kids when you ask them if they want to get out cause they cold they say, “Nope, I’m good.’ so you let them swim until their ready to hop out.
We had such a great time visiting with them and getting to know the little town that they live in. We ate way more S’mores than I think anyone should eat, had great coffee in the sun room and relaxing days watching the kiddos play and visit with each other.