Clover Leaf Forest Rv Resort Jan. 30- Feb. 3, 2018

Brooksville, Florida

Alima and Halim got lost in the dark the day we got there and that was scary. Thankfully when I was looking for them a lady was walking her dog and helped find them. I am also glad that we have the kids carry walkie-talkies when they go out, Alima and Halim would have been very lost if they hadn’t had those.
We didn’t venture anywhere when we stayed here but that was ok because it had a lake to walk around and there was a girl who gave the boys some kindness rocks she had found. The people were nice and so friendly. The residents seemed to be pretty close knit which was nice. There was a field that the people let their dogs run in but after Molon’s escapes at Orlando we were confirmed he will not be an off leash dog except in an enclosed space.
The park was really cool because it had a ton of Old Mans Beard moss hanging from the tress and there were even ferns growing from the tree bark. It was very shady. There were a lot of squirrels. Who knew Florida had so many squirrels. It is located in a small town but it seemed friendly, kinda like everyone knows everyone and neighbors help neighbors.

Park Review

Laundry was nice and reasonable. The bathhouse was ok. There was an indoor heated pool and hot tub. The spots were a little hard to get into. There was no park or dog run. Not big sites but the park seemed roomy enough. There is an indoor pool that was so nice.