And we lost the farm


We lost the farm

These few days have been really hard on our family. Our “friends” who we were buying it from sold it out from under us and so we have to leave. Our family is heartbroken and deeply saddened.

We had made so many plans that have affected not only us but some of our dear friends as well as family. But it was not meant to be and God has other plans for us. we are going to try and keep our heads up. In the mean time we are going to focus on the future and not think or stress about things out of our control.

So what are we going to do now?

Well, we are going to do what we planned from the beginning.

So what are we going to do now?

We will keep everyone posted as now ALL of our plans have been changed. We are going to be looking for a new trailer and planning our route to Az. We are planning on traveling to Az. for a few months this winter and then probably over to Florida again but we shall see. One thing this life has taught us is that nothing is ever forever and that you need to be flexible.