Bulow Rv Resort Feb. 17-21, 2018

Flagler Beach, Florida

We didn’t do to much here. So there isn’t much that was exciting except that there is a dog run there and Molon loved it. He dug a hole and ran all around. When Alima took him one day he decided he wanted to broaden his running area and jumped the fence. This dog! 
Another time they were walking Alima saw alligator eggs that were broken! 
There were walking trails that went into the wooded area but I was too afraid of the alligators to go in there. Alima said the trails were nice. She knows that because after Molon jumped the fence she had to chase him and he ran down the trails.

They do have a heated saltwater pool and if we had know that we would have been in the pool everyday! It looked like they were doing some improvements to the park while we were there. I think we would stay there again.

Steven and Calvin made a friend with a boy in the same row as we were. His name was Quinn and they had the most fun playing with each other. They were sad when we had to go in and when we went to go to the store. They couldn’t wait to get back to play again. Best buds were found here. These boys were sweaty, and so dirty when they came in.

That says to me that a great time and a busy day of playing was had. The sand was everywhere and it was black so even when I took their socks off their feet were so black! It got into everywhere. When we left they all hugged and said their good byes, it was sad. Calvin almost forgot his night-night but Alima got it. He did forget my toy cat. We had to go back to get it and Brittney (Quinn’s mom) said that after we left he asked her when we were coming back. Steven got up the next morning and asked it he could go play with Quinn. This is the hard part of travel. The saying good byes and not knowing when we will get together again.

Rv Park Review

This is a fairly big park. It’s well kept and spaces are good sized. The laundry is the cheapest I’ve found yet, $1.25 for a wash and the same for dry. The facilities were clean and well kept. There are laundry and pool hours. They lock the gate at 9 pm and open at 9:30 am.